about us

Vision and values

Wishing more and more success to all the people involved in the construction and development of dear Iran, and thanking and appreciating the people who work honestly in trade unions for the glory of the country.

With more than a decade of experience in construction activities, the management of Atlas Bana Pertikan decided to provide its experience in the direction of building a country, as well as carrying out large-scale construction projects in dear Iran and other friendly countries. effective in advancing our beloved country.

For this purpose, Atlas Bana Pertikan Company was formed in 2015 as a limited liability company by a group of capable managers and engineers and is now ready to provide services to improve the construction situation in Iran. This company has made the construction project the basis of its work and based on this, it tries to take steps towards the prosperity and economic prosperity of our beloved Iran.


Due to the short life of its establishment, this company has been able to carry out several construction projects and commercial activities, or is in the process of carrying them out, in order to go a long way in the direction of exploiting nature as much as possible and preserving it, with the help of equipment management. And technical and experienced agents will go quickly and take a step forward.




The vision of this company is to realize and reach the position of the best contracting and consulting company in the construction industry from the perspective of participation and construction of top projects and regional and national mega projects.